A Guide to Using Zipper Ties

A Guide to Using Zipper TiesThe zipper tie: The name implies that these ties feature zippers, but in fact, they do not. The word “zipper” is used to describe how this type of tie is put on. It is placed over the head and “zipped up” to create a perfect fit and a perfect know. Since zipper ties for men are already tied, they save you time and frustration. Since they already feature a perfect knot, you don’t have to worry about trying to achieve it on your own. While a zipper tie certainly is more convenient than a traditional tie, if you have never used one before, you may be a bit confused on how the process of putting one on actually works. Here are detailed instructions to help you understand how this type of tie works:

  • Just like you would with a standard necktie, a zipper tie is placed around the collar. Once the tie is in place, simply pull the knot up to your neck. Make sure that the knot sits in the proper position around your neck.

  • Next, slide the zipper portion, which is located behind the tie, up. Doing so will adjust the tie, creating a perfect and comfortable fit. Keeping one hand on the knot while you are adjusting the zipper will ensure that the tie is properly placed on your neck.

  • When you’re ready to take the tie off, all you have to do is pull down on the zipper. Once you have loosened the knot, you can slip it up and over your head.
And there you have it! Putting a zipper tie on is as easy as that! Talk about being a cinch! Thanks to this type of tie, you will never have to worry about tying a knot in a tie ever again. Find more zipper ties for men at NecktieEmporium.com. You’ll be out the door in no time looking sharp with one of these ties!