Achieve a Fashion Forward Look With a Slender Tie

Achieve a Fashion Forward Look With a Slender Tie

Achieve a Fashion Forward Look With a Slender Tie

When it comes to using the tie as a fashion accessory, choosing a slender tie that has a width between 1.5 and 2.5 inches, can provide any man with a fashion forward look that brings together a tight-fitted ensemble. When a man chooses to wear a thicker tie, it lends a very traditional look to the outfit, which for those trying to achieve a hip or retro look, will not want.

When it comes to choosing from the various menís skinny ties, you are going to want to choose one that will fall near the belt line once tied. If it must fall below the belt line, then the recommended extension is once inch.

How to Achieve both a Sharp and Casual Look

For those who are preparing to use menís skinny ties during their formal look, you need a solid black tie paired with a fitted dress shirt that has a smaller collar. When you go to choose a blazer or suit, you are going to want to avoid those that are over-sized or boxy.

Slender ties should always be paired with an ensemble that is fitted and also slender, as this creates a sharp, well-dressed look. If you are going to leave out the suit jacket than go with a brightly colored skinny tie that is a solid color against a black collared dress shirt.

On the other hand, if you are going a casual look than you are going to want a collared shirt that you can either roll the sleeves up on, or pair with a vest. With the casual look, you can always have the knot super tight, or loosely left open.

Choosing the Proper Knot

The most common knot used is the four-in-hand knot as it provides a narrow, asymmetrical knot. However, if you want a cleaner look than go with a half-Windsor as this will create a clean triangular knot.