Many men today are shopping online for cheap skinny ties. With simpler and more minimized looks being the height of male fashion these days, skinny ties are a must for every man who wants to look sharp, modern and sophisticated. Although they are viewed only as a modern style, skinny ties have been around since the 1970s. In today's world of fashion, these ties are worn with both dress shirts and suits. To choose the best cheap skinny ties, consider individual needs and style preferences.

Skinny Tie Fabric

The two main points to consider when choosing a fabric is whether the tie should be shiny or have a matte look. Cotton and other matte materials give a more solid look, and they are typically chosen to coordinate with trendy dress shirts. When a matte-finish tie is paired with a dress shirt, one or the other usually has a design. For example, a matte-finish tie with a design may be paired with a plain dress shirt. A satin tie or shiny material is ideal for professional use and all formal occasions.

Skinny Tie Color Or Design

The color and design are important considerations. Since skinny ties are thin, they usually come with subtle designs or patterns. Use tie with a bold color to make a statement, or choose a quiet design or dull color to make it a subtle accent to a classy suit. When determining color and design, think about what coordinates with the desired shirts or suits. Also, think about whether the tie or the shirt should be the main focus.

Skinny Tie Occasion

When choosing cheap skinny ties, keep the occasion for the tie in mind. Classier and quieter colors are typically better for professional and formal occasions, but brighter colors and bolder designs are good for parties, outings and jobs where louder fashion choices are encouraged.

Regardless of the occasion or need for cheap skinny ties, it is best to purchase clip-on ties if tying a tie seems difficult. Not all men can tie a tie, and many feel it is a waste of their valuable and limited time. High-quality skinny ties come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, and they come in convenient clip-on form at To expand a wardrobe, make the strategic choice to purchase cheap skinny ties that coordinate with multiple suits or dress shirts.