Black Clip on Ties Safety and Professionalism in Hazardous Occupations

Black Clip on Ties  Safety and Professionalism in Hazardous Occupations

For those who have hazardous jobs, the clip-on tie is part of your daily safety gear. Full clip on ties provide safety in hazardous jobs such as the following:


Working Around Heavy Machinery

In manufacturing and other jobs that involve heavy machinery, supervisors and sales reps who need to look sharp want to wear ties, but don't want to risk being dragged into the equipment by a loose tie-end. Black clip on ties look sharp with almost every outfit, and if it gets snagged ... Snap! The tie clip opens, the clip on tie goes into the machinery, and you thank God you shopped so intelligently.


Working in Security

If you work security, you know that the last thing you want is to give a perp yet another opportunity to put you and your clients at risk. That's why you and the rest of your team prefer black clip on ties.


Black clip on ties look utterly professional as a part of the security officer's uniform. But when criminals grab them in an attempt to strangle any of you, black clip on ties come right off in their hands. You and your team are safe and the criminal is off-balance, easy for you to manage.


How to Choose Your Black Clip On Ties

Black clip on ties are not all created equal. When you are searching for the right ties for you and your team, consider these issues:


  • Look for a clip that's designed to last. If it's worth buying a tie, it's worth having it last.
  • Check for a guarantee or warranty on the clip's life. A vendor that commits to the long-life of the clip is a vendor who is proud of his or her entire product.
  • Choose materials that look well -- whether silks to match your suits, if you're in outside sales, or polyesters to go with the rest of the uniform, if you're shopping for security or inside management.
  • If you're selecting for manufacturing or security, choose materials that resist dirt and stains and are easy to clean. These will probably be polyesters, which are widely available and reasonably priced.

You'll wear a well chosen clip on tie for many years. Stay safe!