Blue Ties: For the Everyman!

Blue Ties: For the Everyman!Although you may not realize it, one of the most common colors that are associated with neckties is the color blue. Even when taking a quick look through the inventory we have here at, we noticed that the most prevalent color was blue. Whether we were looking at our patterned ties, our solid color blue ties, or our bow ties, there was no denying how much blue could be found!

So we started thinking about why this might be the case. Why are blue ties such a popular fashion piece? We did a little digging and we found some of the reasons why blue is the dominant color. You didn't know that we here at were also historians did you? Don't worry, until we started asking ourselves these questions, we didn't know either!

The History of Blue Ties

Some of the historical reasons for the persistence of blue ties are practical, while others are more based in tradition. Blue has always been one of the most common and easily accessible dye colors throughout history. Unlike purple, which was always hard to attain and reserved for royal garments, blue was easy to make and commonly used. That is still true today, which is one of the reasons why blue is so omnipresent.

In addition to the availability of the dye, blue is also a very prominent color when it comes to cultural traditions. If you were to look online for images of the various flags for all the world's countries, you will see that a vast majority of them feature some shade of blue. Some traditions are even born within military customs. For example, the uniforms for the United States Air Force are blue and silver. It is the deep rooted traditions that have formed over the course of time that has lead to blue gaining popularity.

Blue Ties: Impressions in Fashion

Another reason that blue ties may have become so numerous is the notion of the color blue in the world of fashion. Various colors have certain meanings when you include them in your ensemble. For example, red usually comes across as being powerful, aggressive, or assertive. Blue is a color that is more commonly associated with being calm or peaceful, and therefore is a more attractive choice for those who wish to be perceived as someone who is friendly, cool, and collected. Plus, its simply a nice color! It complements many other colors well, and is an attractive option for every skin tone.

These are just some of the reasons why blue ties are so popular. We hope you enjoyed learning more about blue along with us, and if you happen to be looking for blue ties, please check out what we have to offer!