Occasions to Wear Bow Ties for Men

Occasions to Wear Bow Ties for MenTake a moment to think of your closet. Think of all the various articles of clothing you have: Dress shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, socks, turtlenecks, t-shirts, and neckties. You have so many different garments so you can accommodate a variety of situations. For example: If it is a normal workday, you may wear a button up shirt and dress pants. If it is a Saturday morning and you have nowhere special to be, you could just relax at home in a t-shirt and sweatpants. We plan what we wear based upon where we are headed, as certain situations require that we dress according to a specific dress code.

There are some pieces of clothing that are not worn as often as others, and it isn't always clear when it is required, expected, or unusual to wear those particular articles. One such example is bow ties for men. Bow ties for men are not as prevalent as they once wore when it comes to fashion. In the early 1900's, bow ties were common and for some, everyday wardrobe accessories. Over time, they became decreasingly popular in informal fashion but still retained some significance in formal attire. That said, their popularity is most definitely on the rise once again!

Since it isn't always clear when it’s appropriate to wear bow ties for men, we at NecktieEmporium.com put together a quick and simple guide for you to follow in case you had any questions. And as always in regard, feel free to break the rules a bit. We think you should wear whatever makes you look and feel your best as often as possible!

Formal Events

The most common instance for which guys break out their bow ties for men these days is for formal occasions. Typically when a gala is described as a “black tie event” it is requiring its male attendants to wear a tuxedo with a black bow tie that has also been accessorized with a white pocket square. These types of situations may include weddings, formal dinners, awards ceremonies, proms, and so forth. In certain situations, white bow ties or red bow ties can be a fashionable choice for formal occasions that are held outdoors.

Semi-Formal Events

Semi-formal events are a time when you can wear a bow tie of a less formal color. Black and white are typically associated with the formal classification, so if you were to wear one of these colors to a less formal event, you may seem a bit overdressed. The patterned and striped bow ties for men that you can find at NecktieEmporium.com are examples of something you can wear in these situations. It is recommended to wear a lighter color if the event takes place outdoors during the day.

Of course these are not the only two scenarios where you can wear bow ties for men. A lot of people still wear them on a casual basis, to the workplace, or to parties. Browse through the selection of bow ties at NecktieEmporium.com so that you can find something to match your own sense of style!