Junior Pretied Clip On Ties

If you’re searching for a boys necktie with all the style of a traditional knot tie, but want to skip the struggle of actually tying the knot, our boys clip on ties are perfect for you! Clip on ties have many benefits over knot ties, including enhanced safety. Ties can become stuck in anything from a printer to a small gap between furniture, and a clip on tie will quickly and easily pull off while a traditional tie won’t. They’re also much easier and faster to put on when you’re running late, a definite bonus!

With many school districts throughout the country implementing a uniform policy, a clip on tie in the school’s colors will be a great finishing touch! Clip-OnTies.com has a variety of colors, making it easy for you to find affordable clip on ties matching your son’s school colors. If the school is a bit more lenient regarding the uniform policy, choose a variety of colors in order to bring out your child’s personality and individuality.

Some of the colors you’ll find in our selection include shades of red, orange, green, blue, white and brown. You will also find clip on ties with unique designs and color combinations. With so many choices you’ll be sure to find the right ties for every dashing young man in your life!