The Benefits of Clip-On Neckties

The Benefits of Clip-On Neckties

Clip-on neckties, which come in either a bow tie or four-in-hand tie is a type of necktie that is permanently tied, with a perfect dimple just below the knot, and is easily worn by fixing the tie to the shirt collar, commonly by a metal clip. Many people often mock the ease of wearing a necktie, and write this menswear accessory off as hokey or improper. However, clip-on neckties are the perfect style of necktie for numerous reasons, and todayís modern clip-on neckties are designed to be extra stylish and even feature more advanced clips, so your tie will surely go undetected. There are actually many advantages of wearing clip-on neckties as opposed to traditional do it yourself neckties.

Benefits of Clip-On Neckties:

Clip-on neckties can be put on more quickly than a conventional necktie, which saves you an incredible amount of time in the early morning rush to get out the door.

∑ Some people donít know how to tie a necktie, and often opt for not wearing one at all. Clip-on neckties allow them to wear a tie.

∑ Those with disabilities cannot always tie a necktie. However, clip-on neckties are easy to put on and require very little effort.

∑ Police and security who are often required to wear a necktie cannot risk the strangulation possibilities of normal neckties. Because clip-on neckties are essentially a breakaway accessory, the risk is severely decreased and nobody is breaking uniform regulations.

∑ Some schools require students to wear clip-on neckties so they do not loosen their knot throughout the day.

Conventional Neckties:

∑ Conventional neckties donít always have the perfect knot.

∑ In the morning, itís sometimes a struggle to tie a tie when youíre in a hurry. When you sloppily tie a necktie, your entire outfit suffers. Clip-on neckties make this struggle diminish.

∑ Conventional neckties can pose a strangulation risk for those who work on the police force or in security. Clip-on neckties decreases and actually erases this risk.

∑ Conventional neckties are hard to tie for those with disabilities.

We firmly believe that all neckties are great, but there are most definitely pros and cons or each. If youíre looking for the best selection of handsome and affordable clip-on neckties or conventional neckties, shop today!