Clip On Ties for Men: Fashionable Prints Can Be Fantastically Affordable!

Clip On Ties for Men: Fashionable Prints Can Be Fantastically Affordable!

When we’re looking to purchase a quality item at a low price, be it a toaster or a television, we are often faced with the most basic edition and that alone. The sleeker styles, with their bells, whistles and fancy features, are out of reach when keeping within budget is of the utmost importance. Does that mean we’re unhappy with our purchases? Not necessarily! I’ve always been the type of person to choose an entry level item from a high quality brand over an item with more features from a lower quality brand. But the fact that we aren’t unhappy doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be happier if we could have purchased something more eye-catching at the same price! Here at, we don’t have toasters and televisions with tons of settings. But we do offer a terrifically stylish collection of patterned and striped clip on ties for men at prices you might expect only apply to the simplest of solids!


Striped Clip On Ties for Men


Considered by many men to be ‘the only choice’ in ties, striped ties are perhaps more popular than any other style. Not only is the look of striped clip on ties for men classic, timeless and polished, but the variety of colors within each allows you to wear your ties with a greater selection of shirts and jackets. Stretching your wardrobe dollar is always a welcome idea for your wallet! Necktie Emporium offers striped clip on ties for men in a comprehensive array of colors and designs to complement every man’s wardrobe. Choices include blue and tan, pink and black, yellow and red, and blue and orange, just to name a few.  Match your suit, match your eyes, match the colors of your favorite sports team – it’s up to you!


Patterned Clip On Ties for Men


Our extensive selection of pattern ties goes a long way toward proving that unique, attractive look that many ties can’t even come close to without breaking the bank. With dozens of designer-quality patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find a few favorites that will take your wardrobe to the next level with ease!


For modern men that aren’t afraid to shine, our silk woven metallic ties make an ideal selection. They’re a bit unexpected in the best way possible, showing the world you keep your look classic and clean, but aren’t afraid to take a few chances. Prefer plaid? Not a problem! Bowled over by box patterns? We have tons of terrific clip on ties for men for you! From vintage-inspired retro ties bursting with color to softer, more subdued styles, Necktie Emporium proudly carries clip on ties for men of all tastes. All in all, we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!