Clip On Ties: Save Time Without Sacrificing Style!

Clip On Ties: Save Time Without Sacrificing Style!Neckties are a vital part of many men's work wardrobes. The professional setting calls for us to look our best as we represent not only ourselves, but our company as well. Nothing says “professional” quite as clearly as a classy necktie that complements the rest of our ensemble. You will be sure to impress your peers and superiors when you show up to a meeting in a neatly pressed suit complete with a beautiful silk tie. But ties aren’t only to be worn in the interest of enhancing the opinions of others; ties also help us to discover our own personal style. Neckties are no longer strictly for the corporate setting and can easily be incorporated into any sort of look you are experimenting with. Who knows…you could even end up creating a brand new fashion trend!

As polished as neckties may look, if you are not experienced with tying a knot, it can be somewhat frustrating to get your tie to lay just right. This is especially true if you are running short on time. It is in scenarios such as these when clip on ties can be a huge time saver. By quickly and securely attaching a clip on tie to your collar, you're all set to go for the rest of the day, no matter what type of schedule you have in front of you.

Clip On Ties for Theatre

The professional business setting isn't the only place where clip on ties can be extremely helpful. Take the world of theatre for example: During a live performance, some costume changes need to happen in the blink of an eye. One of the most beloved Broadway musicals is “Guys and Dolls.” There is one instance where the character Sky Masterson is in New York City at the end of one scene, then has to be dressed for a night club in Havana, Cuba at the start of the next scene. With clip on ties as part of the production's wardrobe, the actor playing Sky can easily make that costume change without having to worry about cinching the knot before taking the stage once again!

A primary advantage of ordering from is the guarantee we offer on the clips we make for our clip on ties. At any point during the life of your tie, if the clip should break, all you need to do is send it back to us and we will replace it as quickly as possible. With our very own clip patent, we can offer you the very best in convenience and safety when it comes to clip on ties. And, no one will be the wiser that your tie contains a clip! They’ll simply think you’re a knot-pro that gets it just right every time.

Already have a few favorite ties whose only downside is their lack of a clip? No problem! We offer a service that allows us to convert regular neckties into clip on ties for just $7.50/tie + shipping. Feel free to contact us for more information!