Doctor Who Proclaims Bow Ties Are Cool

Doctor Who Proclaims Bow Ties Are CoolWith the resurgence in popularity for bow ties due to the hit BBC television show Doctor Who, these sartorial staples are making a huge comeback in men’s style. No longer are bow ties reserved for Harvard professors or eccentric writers. If you’re a fashion-forward minded man or just a huge fanatic of Doctor Who, we have the best selection of bow ties for sale that will keep you looking just as cool as the Doctor. No longer do bow tie fanatics have to feel like eccentric stand-outs when they decide to wear their favorite style of neckwear.

Research has shown that due to the popularity and style choice of the 11th doctor on Doctor Who, bow ties for sale have become a popular trend for many men and enthusiasts. Since the rise in popularity, bow ties sales have almost doubled from previous years. The Doctor on the show typically is seen wearing a solid maroon bow tie, but men don’t need to be pinned down by one color choice to show their love for the good Doctor. We stock a large selection of men’s bow ties for sale that are guaranteed to satisfy your sartorial or fandom needs. What “Whovian” doesn’t want a bow tie like the Doctor?

If you’re looking for bow ties for sale to complete your Doctor Who costume, or just want to step your style game up, the time to do so is now. Since the words “bow ties are cool” was muttered from the Doctor’s lips, these neckwear staples have found their spotlight once again. In recent times, many celebrities and musicians have also been spotted with a bowtie adorning their necks. When shopping for bow ties for sale it’s important to consider what type of fabric you prefer. Bow ties much like standard neckties come in a variety of fabrics ranging from silk to cotton. Cotton and polyester bow ties are the most common for casual wear, and the approved choice of the Doctor himself. carries a large selection of bow ties for sale that are sure to keep you in style with the new bow tie trend. If you’re looking for the best prices on exceptional Doctor Who approved bow ties for sale, look no further than Necktie Emporium.