Extra Long Ties: The Perfect Fit for Tall Men

Extra Long Ties: The Perfect Fit for Tall Men We will all eventually face a situation where we have to wear a necktie. Whether you have to wear one every day for work, every few days for meetings, or you are just getting ready for your first semi formal dance, it is always best to have a few neckties in your closet. However, most ties are available in a standard size, which can make it difficult for big and tall men to find a tie of an appropriate length. We wanted to make sure that we accommodate everyone who is need of a stylish necktie, which is precisely why we offer an extensive selection of extra long ties!

Why Extra Long Ties?

Extra long ties from NecktieEmporium.com come in a length of 21” that is ideal for taller individuals. Many of the ties on our website are available in an extra long length - simply select “Long” in the size dropdown when it is an option. And don't worry about any sort of extra cost; when you order from us, there are no additional charges for extra long ties!

The 4 Types of Tie Knots

Did you know that there are four major types of knots that you can use when tying a tie? Did you also know that those knots are varied depending upon the situation you are dressing for? We wanted to give you a brief overview of these types of knots:

The Four-in-hand Knot: This is the most basic type of knot, and is usually the first kind that people learn to tie. If you're not sure of the name of knot that you use, it is most likely this one. This knot is long and straight and is slightly lopsided.

The Half-Windsor Knot: This knot is a bit more formal than the four-in-hand. When tied, the knot features a medium-sized triangular shape.

The Windsor Knot: One of the few knots that is specifically conditioned to a specific type of shirt: The wide spread collar. The knot forms a wide triangle and is worn for very formal situations.

The Pratt/Shelby Knot: This is a semi-wide knot that is not as common as the other types. Also, it is unique in the sense that when you start to tie this knot, the necktie is actually turned outward.

You can wear regular length or extra long ties for any of these types of knots. Browse through our entire selection to see what favorites you find, and get ready to look perfectly polished!