How to Find the Perfect Tie for Your Wardrobe

How to Find the Perfect Tie for Your WardrobeFinding the ideal tie can be the equivalent of looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. While neckties come in a plethora of different colors, designs, shapes, and fabrics, locating the ideal one for your wardrobe can be a frustrating endeavor to undertake.

However, these simple guidelines will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure that you find the perfect tie for your wardrobe.


The first, and most important, item that you should consider on your hunt for a tie is the proportion. As a general rule of thumb, the right tie should be directly proportionate to the man who wears it. Men who fit into the ďbig and tallĒ category may need a necktie that is a little longer and thicker.

The Right Occasion

You wouldnít want to wear a business tie to a wedding, or one of the many menís novelty ties to a company appointment. You need to keep the occasion in mind when you are searching for a tie.

Color and Pattern

With tons of ties out there, itís critical to find one that caters to your personal style and taste. Keep in mind, however, that ties come in an infinite number of colors and patterns. You should wear dark ties during the fall and winter. The same rule can be applied to the summer and spring, when light or bright hues are all of the rage. Thereís also menís novelty ties for when a lighter occasion arises.

There are many ways to pick out the perfect tie. From the correct length and width, to the proper occasion and color and pattern, you can weed out the ideal necktie for you with these smart tips. Shop Necktie Emporium today to find a wide selection of business, casual, and menís novelty ties today.