Fun Facts about Neckties

Fun Facts about NecktiesTies are an important part of a man's ensemble and they come in many styles and colors. To most men, ties are necessary and are not really considered fun. One type of tie that is fun to wear would be a novelty tie. Many businesses that sell ties include men's novelty ties in addition to more conservative ones. Here are some facts about ties that are fun to know.

History Fun Facts

The earliest known wearing of a tie is 210 BC by the first Chinese Emperor. The necktie that is worn today had its origins in the knotted silk scarf that Croatian soldiers wore in the 1600s. The modern neck tie design began during the Industrial Revolution when men wanted ties that were easy to knot and would last all day. Short ties were worn when men wore their pants at their natural waistline. They lengthened as men wore pants lower on their body and reached 57 inches in the 1990s. Tie widths have varied over the years from 1 inch to 5 inches.

Novelty Tie Fun Facts

There is a novelty tie for almost every occupation, hobby, holiday, or interest. men's novelty ties were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Some feature characters from movies or cartoons, icons showing popular culture, or certain products. Sometimes menís novelty ties were made of different types of material, like wood or plastic.

Other Fun Facts

A grabatologist is a person who collects ties. About 110 silkworm cocoons are needed to make a good quality silk tie. British ties have stripes that typically run from top left to bottom right and American ties run the opposite way. There are bulletproof ties that will stop a 9mm bullet. The most expensive tie cost was created by Indian designer Satya Paul. It has 271 diamonds, 150 grams of pure gold and cost $220,000. Last and not surprising, the tie is the most popular Father's Day gift all over the world.

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