Get Your Prep On!

Get Your Prep On!Preppy style is almost synonymous with classic American style. Many notable and famous people are considered Preppy fashion icons, from John F. Kennedy to Woody Allen; preppy fashion is an important style movement in the United States. Preppy fashion started in the late 1940’s as the dress code for many Ivy League students, and has since expanded outside the Ivy League boundaries. The preppy uniform is most commonly a combination of argyle sweaters, chinos, madras plaid, Nantucket Red pants, Oxford shirts, and preppy ties. In recent years, the preppy style has become a popular way of dressing for many men and women, young and old. is a great destination to jump-start your preppy wardrobe. We carry a variety of preppy ties that are sure to make your preppy outfit pop.  The most common pattern of preppy ties is the classic striped neckties.  A classic Oxford shirt and a polyester striped tie is a quintessential preppy outfit, straight from the Preppy Handbook. A striped tie is classic, cool, and effortless.  Having a handful of striped preppy ties will give you endless options when putting a look together.  Striped preppy ties can be paired with any solid color shirt, and can even be matched with plaid patterns for the confident and adventurous dresser. Wearing stripes and plaid is risky, and an unconventional way to dress, but it can be done if you are capable to exude confidence and find patterns that don’t clash too much. Preppy ties can also sometimes take the role of novelty ties. Many new school preppies have adapted a more ironic take on the style, and a novelty necktie is a perfect choice for the hipster preppy.

Older preppies wore classic width neckties, but in the new prep era, preppy ties have been getting skinnier and skinnier. Skinny ties were worn throughout the 1960’s, but have come back as a more modern neckwear accessory. Skinny preppy ties can be worn with slim fitted clothing for an edgier preppy look! It is advised to wear a jacket with a thing lapel if pairing it with a skinny tie.  Bowties are also a staple in preppy ties. A bowtie is a quirky and classic accessory that suits any preppie. Preppy ties are a crucial element to any preppy outfit and has the preppy ties you need and want at exceptional prices!