Green Ties and All the Colors of the Wardrobe

Green Ties and All the Colors of the WardrobeDid you know that our subconscious sometimes guides us in a lot of ways that we aren't fully aware of? Sometimes the decisions we make, that we don't really think about, are indicative of our own subconscious attempting to reflect our personality in our actions. For example: Think about some of the information you have about yourself on your social media pages. Are all the movies you “like” similar? Do you happen to like one kind of music? Do those movie titles or bands reflect your personality? If you like movies that have a lot of action and bands with hard rock beats, chances are you may be an aggressive person who likes to take charge. More a fan of dramatic movies and like slower rock or jazz? Then maybe you are more compassionate person.

These kinds of personality reflection suggestions aren’t limited to solely what can be found on your social media profiles. Your subconscious can influence the types or colors of clothing you wear. Or, if you are looking to put forward a certain look or attitude, you can intentionally select specific colors of clothing, such as green ties, to help put forward the message you wish to send.

Below is a brief list of colors and what they can mean in the eyes of others when they see these colors incorporated into your wardrobe…

Blue: Blue is a color that usually matches well with almost any color. It also gives off the notion of being trustworthy along with having a warm and welcoming personality. In addition, if you desire to appear intellectual or serious, consider reaching for the blue shirt or blue tie in your closet.

Yellow: Yellow is a bright color so it actually does draw a lot of attention. Therefore, given the bright nature of this color it has the ability to portray alertness along with optimism.

Green: Green garments, such as green ties, signify that you are compassionate person. At the same time green is also the color of money, which can let others know that you are prosperous. We have many different green ties here at, should you be interested in displaying this color!

Red: Looking to remain at the business end of the conversation? Then you'll want to go with red as it gives the impression of power, dominance, and attention.

Peach & Pink: These colors aren't quite as loud as some of the others and therefore give off a calm or cool and collected feel. If you're just enjoying life, you may be interested in clothing of this hue.

Black: Since black goes with everything, it can have a number of different meanings. Black clothing can hint at elegance, power, and authority. At the same time, a classic black outfit can also suggest simplicity, neatness, or great versatility.

White: In literature, white represents cleanliness and virtue. The same can be said about white when it is part of an outfit.

These are just some of the countless colors and some aspects of what they can mean. Of course, not every time you see people wearing green ties does it mean that they are thinking about money, but it is important to know where some of the impressions associated with color originate! offers a large selection of tie colors, include green ties, blue ties, pink ties and red ties, that you can use to help you achieve any type of impression.