Halloween Costumes Made Better with Boys Clip on Ties

Halloween Costumes Made Better with Boys Clip on Ties

Halloween is an exciting holiday for the little ones! They get the opportunity to dress like their favorite characters, and stimulate their adolescent imagination. Don’t settle for the limitations of pre-packaged department store costumes, when you can create one-of-a-kind and unique costumes on your own. There are numerous costumes that can be created using boys clip on ties from NecktieEmporium.com, and even better, our boys clip on ties can be worn way after Halloween has ended. Below are a few fun DIY costume ideas that are made complete with boys clip on ties.

Clark Kent | Superman

It’s hard to find a little boy that doesn’t admire superheroes. Why not create a truly unique Superman costume. Using boys clip on ties, your little one can be Clark Kent on the surface, decked out in beautiful boys clip on ties, but underneath the Clarke exterior, your little one will be full-on Superman.


Gangster costumes have always been very popular! Creating a gangster costume is quite simple and requires nothing more than a suit, boys clip on ties, a hat, and gangster-related accessories.


A collared shirt, clip on tie, stethoscope, and doctor bag are all you need to create a fun and DIY doctor costume for the little man in your life. The only diagnosis for this costume is fun fun fun.

Harry Potter

Adored by young and old alike, Harry Potter is an extremely popular costume choice! Harry Potter, known for his thick glasses and striped tie, is a rather simple costume to create that your child will adore. Using our selection of boys clip on ties, you’re little one will be the king of Hogwarts in his very own unique Harry Potter costume.

From zombie businessmen to superheroes, there are a variety of unique costumes you can create for your little one this Halloween using boys clip on ties at NecktieEmporium.com. At NecktieEmporium.com, we have the largest selection of quality boys clip on ties that are priced exceptionally low. This Halloween, consider trying these necktie centered costume ideas!