How to Wear Clip on Ties

How to Wear Clip on Ties

Theyíre easy to wear, perfectly tied, but for some reason clip on ties are often scoffed at. However, has perfected the clip on tie, and offers clip on ties that are nothing close to the clip on ties you might remember. Instead, our clip on ties are designed with an advanced clipping mechanism, and are so perfectly designed that nobody will ever figure out that youíre wearing a clip on tie. Sure, clip on ties are exceptionally easy to wear, but there are a few steps a man must take to make sure heís wearing his clip on right for certain.


The first step has really nothing to do with the tie itself, but more so the foundation of your outfit. Itís important that you have selected a dress shirt that has a correct collar suitable for a necktie. Make sure the shoulders fit, and there isnít any excess fabric that will balloon out when tucked in. Make sure the neck fits comfortably, without being too loose or too tight.


Once your shirt is selected and your outfit is perfectly pieced together itís time to select the right necktie. Make sure the necktie is complementary with the colors of your outfit. It is also important to make sure the tie is of proper length. Although the knot is always perfect, a too short or too long necktie can easily kill an entire outfit. Remember that clip on ties are not adjustable, so itís important to choose the right one right from the get-go. When help up to your collar, the bottom of the tie should fall right on top of your belt buckle or the waistband of your slacks.


Place the necktie to your shirtís top button, right in the center of your neck between the two parts of your collar, so that the clasp of the clip on tie hangs over the shirt. Press the lever down, and secure the tie to your collar. Make sure the tie is straight, and youíre ready to walk out the door.

Clip on ties are the perfect neckwear accessory for any man, especially those who are often faced with strangulation risks due to their specific jobs, or those who cannot simply tie a necktie. At, we take the negative clip on tie stigma away and offer men the best selection of stylish and well-crafted clip on ties. Shop today.