Looking Professional in Easy, Breezy Summer

Looking Professional in Easy, Breezy Summer

Pack away those sweaters and dark colors because summer is finally here! As the temperatures rise and the sun lingers for a bit longer, take a look around your office. Chances are youíll see everybody dressing in brighter colors, lighter materials, and perhaps a bit more casually. Instinctually, we tend to take on a more laid-back attitude during the easy breezy summer months. This casual attitude tends to extend well into early fall. Thatís quite some time and you want to be dressed appropriately through all of it! From menís dress shirts to dress pants to menís neckties and more, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your workplace wardrobe for summer, while still looking polished and professional.

Bright Colors
Bright colors and summertime go hand-in-hand and while typical office wear includes navy blues, whites, and grays, there is no harm in adding a pop of color! The key is to choose muted cool colors and keep them at a minimum. Swap out your black dress slacks for a light shade of gray or tan. Pair them with a fun colored dress shirt, such as mint green or pastel purple. These shades add some fun and personality without diminishing the professionalism. Fortunately, theyíre also easy to pair menís neckties and other accessories with.

Fun Menís Neckties
Menís neckties really shine during the summertime, available in a variety of fun colors and patterns. If you feel more comfortable wearing a solid color white or light blue dress shirt, keep the color to the neckwear! Look for ties in solid shades of purples and greens or pinks and yellows. If youíre really looking to summer-ify your wardrobe, consider tie in fun patterns such as polka dots or paisley. Menís neckties can add a touch of summer whimsy to even the most professional of ensembles, making them perfect for summer.

Light Materials
As the temperatures rise, the materials of your clothing should lighten. After all, nobody wants to be wrapped in wool on a 90 degree day! To keep fabrics cool and breathable, opt for cotton and linen shirts and dress pants. Wool or silk ties tend to look very heavy against lighter shirt materials, so create cohesion (and comfort) by choosing cotton or linen ties.

As we approach warmer weather, consider sprucing up your wardrobe with brighter colors and fun patterns. Even the more professional of ensembles can benefit from a slight pop of color or print.