Men's Fashion Ties — How They Have Changed Over Time

Men's Fashion Ties — How They Have Changed Over Time

The well-dressed man knows all about the power of neckties. A stylish gentleman in a tie will find himself welcome in many places simply because he's wearing a tie; women like what a tie says about a man, and men themselves tend to feel more respect toward others sporting a tie. Neckties have always made a statement. Over the ages, neckties have changed and evolved, but they have always been a sign of an elegant man — a fashion detail and a symbol of ambition, politeness, and respectability.

The Earliest Neckties

The earliest neckties were born out of the outdoor scarf, which men sported around their necks to protect themselves from the cold; with the earliest examples worn by Roman soldiers. Another point of origin for the tie could have been the small-knotted neck kerchiefs, such as those sported by Croatian mercenaries during the 17th century. The French were such fans of the more loose linens of the Croatian kerchiefs, which they called cravats, that many began wearing them instead of their old-fashioned, stiff ruffs.

During the 18th century, stocks, a sort of leather collar sported by soldiers to protect the neck, made an appearance. Civil War-era pictures feature General Sherman wearing such stocks. The early 19th century saw further development of scarves, cravats, and bandanas.

The Modern Necktie

In the 20th century, neckties came to symbolize a person's military or club affiliation. The distinctive hand-painted ties became very popular in the United States after the First World War, whereas the bold look of extra-wide ties became popular shortly after the Second World War and on through the 1950s.

We have had narrow ties, skinny ties, and even string ties. We have the elegant cravat and formal bow ties. For convenience there are clip-on ties and zipper ties. Men have always chosen ties to project a stylish look of formality, good grooming, and professionalism.

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