Menís Wedding Tie Options: Trying to Fit In and Stand Out at the Same Time

Menís Wedding Tie Options: Trying to Fit In and Stand Out at the Same Time

Getting ready for a wedding can leave you with many important questions yet to be answered! IE: How will the food be? Is it a cash bar? Can I still do the ďrunning manĒ without looking like a 90s flashback? All of these major questions will be answered second after deciding what to wear. The category of the wedding will dictate the appropriate attire. When planning your look consider the invitation the key to success. Here are three options of wedding dress code that will determine your menís wedding tie choice for the wedding.

∑ Black Tie Event Ė The black tie event is a classic representation of a fancy evening affair. This would include a tailored white shirt and a black bow-tie or standard tie. When getting ready for the wedding, skip the mirror and opt for a clip on tie. Nothing can look worse at a black tie event than an uneven length of the tie or even a knot that doesnít sit perfectly straight. Take the guess work out of tying a tie with an easy clip on option.

∑ Semi-Formal Ė A semi-formal wedding can give you a few more choices when selecting your tie. This would include lighter colors for a day-time event or even an appropriate pattern for a slight contrast. Subtle stripes might be exactly the look to go for. Examples would include Light Blue Silk Woven Tie with a Gold Pin Stripe or possibly a Navy and Purple Pinstriped tie to compliment a solid shirt and dress slacks.

∑ Casual Ė A casual wedding might be the most difficult to dress for since the options are nearly endless! Take the time to find a tie that compliments your casual style while still looking respectful of the occasion. This might be the perfect time to try a skinny tie! This look is considered a trend that can come and go, but right now itís definitely on! Consider a silk geometric pattern or even a tan clip on tie to compliment the casual atmosphere. Get comfortable with this trendy style and show off your personality!

A wedding can be a great way to try out a new menís wedding tie. The options are truly endless, but let the style of the wedding dictate the direction that you should follow when choosing a tie. So take a look at that wedding invitation and then browse the large selection of menís solid, patterned and clip on ties on today!