Tying Up Loose Ends: What Tie to Wear For Every Work Occasion

Tying Up Loose Ends:  What Tie to Wear For Every Work Occasion

The most difficult part about deciding which tie to wear, is deciding the appropriate style for your work occasion. Having context or a co-worker to look at is sometimes helpful. However, following a few standard guidelines could help any professional man with his tie option. Luckily, Neck Emporium has you covered when it comes to all of your men’s silk tie styles.

· Average Work Day – This would be the appropriate time to show your individual style at work. Patterns can be a great way to show personality while still keeping a professional feel. Examples would include geometric prints, skinny ties, woven box prints or even paisley. Layering pieces over your shirt and tie can also add interest, including sweaters or vests with the tie as the center of attention for the professional look.

· Presentation/ Interview Work Day – Any day that requires you to be the center of attention would be a perfect day to wear a bold pattern. This means keeping you the focus of the presentation or interview. Suggestions for this type would include men’s silk ties like a violet box pattern tie, or a silk woven blue box pattern tie. With these ideas in mind, take care not to go too far. This would include character/novelty ties that could possibly distract from your point of view and your corporate personality.

· Corporate Party / Event – In the case of an office party or event, it will still be necessary to give a professional feel. Try looking into ties that don’t have too much pattern but still give a feeling of a festive culture. A Sparkling Charcoal necktie or even a Maroon Jacquard pattern could give a feeling of elegance without under delivering for a special work occasion. Also, never underestimate the power of a power combination of a white shirt and black tie. This look instantly offers a true classic option.

When thinking about which work tie to choose, consider the occasion and intention of the day. Whether the day will bring an important meeting, a business lunch or a formal corporate event; be ready for whatever the day holds! Choose from one of Neck Emporium’s classic and affordable styles!