Men's Zipper Ties

We've all been there: The alarm clock didn't wake you up and you quickly realize you're running late. Today is a day when you're supposed to dress nicely, which means you are expected to wear a shirt and tie. The shirt is no problem, but you don't always wear a necktie, so you have a heck of a time getting that Windsor knot just right. You don't want to look a disheveled mess for your important day, but you also know it will look bad if you go without a necktie. What do you do?

The first thing to do is relax. There are tons of guys experiencing the same stress at the same time across the country! If your job doesnít call for a necktie every day, itís understandable that youíre a bit out of practice in tying one correctly. Even for guys who wear ties all the time, it can still be a hassle to get them right, especially under the pressure of the clock. is here to help with our collection of menís zipper ties . Menís zipper ties are the solution to having a ready to wear tie on hand that is always set to the perfect knot. All you need to do is put this ready to wear tie over your head, cinch the knot and pull it straight up to your collar, and you are all set. Nobody will be able to tell that it isn't a traditional necktie Ė the look is clean and classic.

Browse our 3 different sizes, including extra long zipper ties! Youíre well on your way to seeing how easy looking great can be Ė even when the alarm clock doesnít cooperate!