Mens Ties: Versatile, Timeless and Indispensable

Mens Ties: Versatile, Timeless and Indispensable

If you don't have a few ties in your wardrobe, you're missing an important ingredient for style and success. Unlike many clothing accessories, menís ties have never been considered outdated or clichť. They're available in a virtually endless range of styles and colors, and even a single tie can be used multiple ways by simply tying a knot differently or adding a new shirt. Whether it adorns the neck of a groom or makes a casual date classy, a tie is the most versatile item of clothing any man can own.

Mens Ties for Hard-Working Professionals

Never underestimate the impact of wearing a tie to work. Although many workplaces have loosened their dress codes, wearing a tie can still give you an edge. Successful men thorough history have worn ties. Menís ties convey an image of self-confidence, professionalism and ambition. A suit and tie combination will always demand respect from your peers and your boss regardless of what type of work you do. Wearing a nice tie to an interview can even help you get the job you really want.

Classy, Casual Mens Ties

Wearing casual ties is great way to express your after-hours personality. They're typically slimmer and look best when worn with the top button of your shirt unbuttoned. Solid color ties are great for complementing printed shirts. Whimsical patterns, colorful prints or quirky themes can give an otherwise plain outfit tons of character. The laid-back look of a casual tie is perfect for dinner dates; wear it loosely to look cool, confident and relaxed. You can even wear ties successfully with jeans for a style that's comfortable, friendly and approachable.

Formal Mens Ties for Special Occasions

Formal ties are the sharpest of male clothing accessories and every man should own at least one. They are usually made from shiny, luxurious material such as silk or satin. Mens formal ties also include the prestigious bow tie, which is usually reserved for weddings, formal ceremonies and black tie events. On occasions when you need to look your most dignified, the formal tie delivers without fail.

Build Your Collection

It's never too late or too early to start building a great collection of ties for every occasion. Men of all ages can wear them, and weight loss or gain doesn't usually affect their fit. Take a quick look inside your closet to see what colors and styles you can work with, and choose your favorites from the enormous selection of menís ties available online and in stores.