The Convenience of a Zipper Tie

The Convenience of a Zipper TieWhether it is a last-minute formal event that you are attending, or a regular work day where you are late because you overslept, when you choose a menís zipper tie for these types of situations is smart. Not only convenient but they are effortless to put on, meaning it is a huge time saver.

For those who have not mastered tying a traditional knot on a regular tie, then choosing a zipper tie is your best alternative. Not only does it look just as polished, but if you do it correctly, no one is going to be any wiser that you used a zipper tie rather than a knotted tie.

How Does It Work?

Using a menís zipper tie takes the functional design of a regular tie, but rather than needing to be tied, it features a permanent knot that can be adjusted to fit the neck. There is a zipper mechanism that runs the length of the tie, allowing for a quick adjustment. However, if you are going to wear a zip tie, it is important that you wear a clip as well so that no one can see the length of the zipper that runs on the inside of the tie.

How Do You Use It?

Itís extremely easy to use, and only has a few steps:
  • Pop the collar of your shirt as you would with a regular tie and slip the zippered tie around your shirt collar.
  • Pull the knot up towards your neck so that it is secure against the top button of your collar.
  • Adjust the tie accordingly by using the zipper that is along the length of the tie. Keep a hold of the knot while adjusting the zipper.
  • Take it off by pulling the zipper down, which loosens it from around the collar. You can then easily take it off.

The main convenience of this type of tie allows men to secure a professional, sleek look without needing the technique required to tie knots. Shop for more examples of a menís zipper tie, clip on necktie, and more!