Promote Your Interests with Novelty Ties

Promote Your Interests with Novelty TiesIf you are in a situation where you are expected to wear a button up shirt and a necktie every day, you know how repetitive it can get each morning when you knot up the same old tie. Although we find all the ties and bow ties at an excellent accent pieces to any attire, sometimes what you really want to do is go beyond stripes and solids. Wearing one of our novelty ties can help you add just enough diversity to your weekly attire so that you can avoid becoming repetitive and predictable, and have something that hides coffee spills well!

Novelty ties aren't only helpful if your goal is to add some spice to your wardrobe. You can also use this style of ties to help promote your interests, be on-theme for special occasions, or to help reinforce information you are presenting. For example:

At the office: There are instances at every office where the company is involved in “themed” week. These are most often seen around the holidays where you may be asked to wear costumes on Halloween or decorate your team's space with Christmas decorations. But there are some times when the theme is not tied to a holiday; one example being casino night—much like the ever popular episode of NBC's The Office. If you want to help promote the theme of the week, you would wear one of our casino novelty ties. There are several more novelty ties for different themes at as well!

At a convention: Conventions are usually a gathering of people who all share the same common interest. Conventions can be as small as a local community coming together to show off the creative artistic talent of its members, or as large as the international behemoth known as Comic Con that is held annually in San Diego. Since a convention is all about sharing common interests, it is also the perfect place to wear novelty ties that reflect the things you love. One example of how novelty ties can come into play here is with this cinema theme novelty tie, which would be perfect for any type of film festival.

In the classroom: Novelty ties can actually serve as classroom tools for those of you in the teaching profession. Many educators agree that the best way to transmit the material for a particular class is to use some sort of “bell ringer” to help focus in the students. It is also important to try to identify what type of learner each student is: Visual, auditory, or hands on. In the case of visual learners, something as simple as a themed tie can help clue the student in for the day. If you are a biology teacher and you were going to teach a class based around marine mammals, then you could consider wearing this dolphin novelty tie.

Make sure browse the full selection of novelty ties at as you never know what you may find that coincides with your interests or an upcoming event!