Mens Regular Zipper Ties (19 inch)

Guys: Think about all of the neckties in your wardrobe. If you are the type who works in a professional business setting every day, you probably have all of your ties hanging nicely in your closet. Maybe a few are draped over a chair, but most are likely on a tie rack. But if you are the type of guy who only wears ties for special occasions, you may only have a few ties. Now think about those few ties: Are they hanging from your closet already tied in a messy knot? It's okay; it happens. Ties are hard to tie! Even men who wear ties on a regular basis are sometimes rushing to catch a flight or make a meeting and don't have time to effectively tie a knot.

That is where Necktie Emporium’s patterned zipper ties can become an important part of your wardrobe, whether you are an everyday tie-wearer, or a once-in-a-while kind of guy. These zip up ties always have a perfect knot pre tied and ready to go. Once you have your shirt buttoned up, just put the tie on over your head and tighten the knot. You're all set! But in addition to providing ease of wear in our collection, we also want to ensure you can find a tie that matches your shirts, and complements your style. With this in mind we offer a wide variety of zipper ties, including these fashionably bold plaid ties for men. Let us help you look your best easily and affordably with zip up ties!