Reasons to Wear a Tie on a First Date

Reasons to Wear a Tie on a First Date

Reasons to Wear a Tie on a First Date

Fashion is more casual than it used to be. People often (but not always) still dress up at work or for very special occasions, but youíre more likely to see men in jeans or shorts out in public than you are to see them in suits and ties. However, if youíve got a first date coming up, wear a tie, with or without a suit coat. Even if youíre just meeting casually for coffee or a movie, there are many reasons to add that little touch to your attire.

Look Sensuous in Silk

Menís silk ties look sleek, fancy, and powerful. Choose from a solid color or a subtle pattern that doesnít draw too much attention away from the rest of your attire. Wearing a silk tie shows your date you care about your appearance because you want to make a good impression. Itís a little dressier than the cotton variety, which is what you want during a first date, even if youíre pairing it with khakis and a dress shirt.

Feel Confident in Stripes

If you don a suit coat, you can afford to get a little wilder in your tie pattern. Bold stripes on your tie will make you feel more confident, and that confidence will transfer to your demeanor during the date. Men who are confident (but not overly full of themselves) go further in romance.

Get It Perfect With Zipper Ties

Even if you donít usually wear ties at work and youíre not sure how to properly tie one, buy a zipper tie and all you have to do it toss it over your neck and pull up the knot. Get the perfect knot every time with a tie that takes you seconds to add to your outfit.

Men look more confident and dashing when they wear ties, so wear a tie for your next date, whether itís your first or your hundredth. Stock up on ties and receive free priority shipping on any order over $50 or even free first class shipping on an order of any size. Look for coupon codes and specials to save even more.