How To Choose the Perfect Skinny Neckties

How To Choose the Perfect Skinny NecktiesPerhaps no other item of men’s clothing evokes so much commentary and opinion as the simple necktie. While some men try to avoid neckties altogether, others are passionate about choosing the right tie for every possible permutation of their wardrobe.

Neckties have been a wardrobe staple for men since 1618, when Croatian soldiers sported small scarves, knotted at the neck, while fighting alongside French troops during the Thirty Years War. Style-conscious Parisians were intrigued by the sight of the stylish neckerchiefs, and soon a fad became a permanent fashion. The early word for necktie, “cravat,” actually comes from the French word “Croates” from the nationality of these soldiers.

All history aside, most of today’s men agree that wearing wide or skinny neckties, bowties, or ascots makes them feel smarter, more authoritative, and let’s face it, more physically appealing. After all, women love neckties, and there are few men who can resist trying to look good for the woman — or women — in their lives.

Whether you prefer skinny neckties or wide designs, there’s a necktie style to suit everyone. Here are a few tips on how to find your own personal style:

  • Buy what you like. If you really don’t care for plain-colored ties, then go with your taste for flair. Likewise, if you prefer skinny neckties to the wider look that might be prevailing in your office, go with your own instincts. Wearing what you like will give you the confidence to pull it off, and you’ll end up making your own fashion statement!

  • Keep an open mind about types of ties. If you really like the convenience of clip-on neckties, don’t be hesitant to wear one; clip-on neckties look exactly the same as those you tie yourself. Likewise, if you’re tempted to try a bow tie, buy one and see how it feels. You might end up buying a few more! If you’re used to skinny neckties, try wearing a wider style, and vice versa. You’ll find your perfect look may vary depending on your taste of the moment, your current wardrobe, or even your mood.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Whether you prefer skinny neckties or wide neckties, use your imagination when matching colors and patterns. Today’s men have more freedom in choosing necktie and shirt/suit pairings than ever before, even in a formal office setting.

Neckties make you feel like you’re looking your best — and what’s better than wearing a piece of clothing that enhances not only your looks but also your self-esteem? Choosing and wearing a necktie can be fun, so remember this and indulge yourself when you’re buying your ties.