Skinny Tie Style

 Skinny Tie Style

Keep up with fashion with a well-rounded tie wardrobe. Naturally, when we think of adding to our tie quiver, we think about colors and patterns. Ties are not limited to these two dimensions, however. There is a third, equally attractive dimension in which we must delve!

Enter the skinny tie. It's sleek, stylish, and very fashionable. It is also the perfect match for your collection of ties. This chic type of tie goes great with blazers, jackets, and shirts that feature a thinner lapel, collars, and other prominent parts. Do take note however; skinny ties must fit these items. For example, a shirt with a large, bulky collar will not make the perfect match. Tighter collared shirts on the other hand, will.

Skinny ties accent the wearer just like they accent the wardrobe. In short, thinner ties match men with thinner builds. This is because the tie works in contrast with the person wearing it, making a thinner torso look larger. Conversely, it makes larger torsos look larger.

If you (or your man) are one of us with larger builds, don't give up. There is a skinny tie out there for you. All you have to do is put a little more emphasis on your jacket, shirt, and possible vest. Explore your wardrobe and pay attention to the relative thickness you display in the mirror. The tie of your dreams might look odd with your old blazer, but sleek and stylish with you vest or a new smooth shirt.

In the end, matching your tie with your wardrobe and you is all about proportion. So long as you have a balanced look, you will look good. Keep this in mind when you see those super skinny ties on the market. Not all skinny ties are created equal. Moreover, not many are made with work in mind. If you are going for a rock fashion, those are fine. If you are dressing up, keep it dressy.

Now that finding the right skinny tie is not a problem, let's talk about the knots that are. The Windsors might be your go-to style, but that thick, pronounced knot isn't the way of the sleek and slim. Try a four-in-hand knot instead. This slimmer knot keeps the tie skinny and in-tune with those thinner collars and lapels. Keep in mind; you can avoid the issue entirely with a clip-on tie. These types of ties keep an appropriately stylish knot all day without the bunching, crunching, and uncomfortable binding of traditional ties.