Tips for Wearing Skinny Ties

Tips for Wearing Skinny TiesWhen most people think of skinny ties for men, they think of the latest fashion trend. The truth is, however, that these ties have actually been around, coming and going in the fashion world, for quite some time. They first made their debut early in the 20th century, when they were seen around the necks of the most sleek and stylish of men, including celebrities. Briefly, the ties were abandoned in favor of the thicker variety, but they came blazing back among the young and hip crowd in the 50s. The trend lasted through the early 60s, and then came back among the punk rock circle in the 80s. Now, the trend has come roaring back to life again, and male celebrities of all ages and of all style inclinations can be seen sporting them!

Easing Into Skinny Ties For Men

A lot of men don't think they can pull off the skinny ties for men look, but it's actually not that difficult. Just about anyone can make this look appear stylish and fun, but not everyone can comfortably pull off the wild, colorful patterns that are so popular. For those who want to try out the skinny ties for men look but aren't quite ready to go bold with it, opting for a classic black or other neutral, solid colored tie is a great introduction. This is an easy way to get the look without drawing too much attention, and is appropriate for most workplaces. Those who do want to try out the bolder, patterned ties are encouraged to do so, but with a basic, solid colored shirt. Too many patterns at once can be overwhelming!

Men who have particularly wide shoulders, or who don't want attention drawn to a slightly out of shape midsection, can still get away with wearing skinny ties for men. They just need to opt for skinny ties that are a little bit on the thicker side. Skinny ties for men come in a wide variety of different sizes, all of them at least slightly thinner than the average tie. For the perfect look, the tie should never look like just a flat strip from chest to tummy, but should have just a hint of width to it. The right size will vary depending upon the size of the wearer.

Here at, we have a number of different ties, both skinny and non-skinny, that you can use to enhance your current wardrobe. Make sure to browse through all of the options we have available to you so you can really show your sense of style and try your hand at different looks!