Skinny Ties: Fun Attire, Attractive & Rooted In History

Skinny Ties: Fun Attire, Attractive & Rooted In HistoryNeckties aren’t solely for business or formal wear anymore – it’s time to welcome skinny ties into the world of hip fashion. Skinny ties fit neatly and stylishly into a casual wardrobe that easily transcends from work to nighttime. Rather than changing up your entire wardrobe, simply invest in a few skinny ties to upgrade your outfits. Our style often reflects our personality, and it’s crucial to love what we have on and feel great any time of day or evening. Don’t just wear a tie – send a message. You’re in tune with your personality, and your skinny ties show off the stylish, trendy guy that you are.

No More Excuses for Not Wearing a Necktie

Clip on neckties make the old excuses for not wearing any kind of tie outdated. New clip on styles are easy to wear as well as comfortable. No one but the wearer knows that someone isn't wearing a traditionally knotted necktie. You can also wear a skinny tie for fun. Choose one with a whimsical design for casual wear as it gives a finishing touch to a casual outfit. Skinny ties for the office are also a popular trend. These ties are sophisticated with designs that are understated and elegant. Wear the favored ice blue silk skinny tie, or choose a lustrous silver to accent a business suit. Conservative designs are the choice of many executives, while many freelance entrepreneurs like a little more color with an attention-getting design.

Women Love Neckties

Men: If you are looking to appeal to the opposite gender while out and about, consider mixing up your style with some skinny ties from Men in fashionable neckties show their attention to detail and impeccable style. Just be careful however: Too much flash in a necktie sends a message of "overkill" in most women's minds. While wearing a sports jacket and comfortable leisure slacks, add a skinny necktie to catch her attention and keep it!

From Fancy Ruffled Jabots to Skinny Neckties

While skinny ties represent a relatively recent fashion accent, the history of neckties goes back to the days of elegant royalty who wore fancy collars with layered lace ruffled jabots at the neck. This was worn basically to cover the male "Adam's Apple." Fortunately that bit of vanity has faded and men today wear skinny ties beneath their collars in wonderful patterns, colors and designs.

Whether you're looking to mix up your attire, show some flare, or wear something with historical roots, make sure to check out what we have to offer at!