Solid Color Neckties: Mix and Match Your Wardrobe for More Options

Solid Color Neckties: Mix and Match Your Wardrobe for More OptionsHere at, we've noticed that most people wear solid color shirts along with their patterned or striped neckties. This combination of ties and shirts really does work well together, and there are many different “looks” that can be created using these types of ties. If you are looking for patterned neckties, we do have those available for you!

However, we have also noticed when perusing through clothing stores that there are sometimes very fashionable and unique dress shirts that have patterns or styles that are a bit off the beaten path. These kinds of shirts can help add variety to anyone's wardrobe, especially if you are looking to spice things up when you go out. In cases like these, you still need a way to accent what you are wearing, but pattern on pattern can be bad! This is where solid color neckties come into the spotlight as they are the perfect accessory for your individual sense of style, and add balance to even the boldest of button downs.

Solid Color Neckties Offer a Sleek Appearance

The solid color neckties that you’ll find at provide you with a succinct, sleek appearance. When you head out to your office, a conference, or to a social establishment, you will never have to question your status as a well-dressed individual. Our solid color neckties are crafted from hand woven 100% silk, or a fine polyester weave that shines as brilliantly as silk for a lower price. This means that each morning as you are getting dressed, you can mix and match between your favorite ties and your favorite shirts so that you can diversify your wardrobe and make the most of it no matter the size. Examples of the colors you will find include:

- Silver

- Blue Moire

- Copper Moire

- Lime Moire

- Orange Moire

- Solid Navy

- Pink

- Purple

- Black

- Yellow Textured

- Black Textured

*Moire is a term that indicates a fabric has a watery or wavelike appearance within its design.

Not just regular Solid Color Neckties

If you aren't required to wear neckties on a daily basis, you may not have a lot of experience actually tying the knot – and we don’t mean getting married! If you aren't near someone who knows how to tie a tie, then you could be in a real predicament. In case you find yourself in this situation, we can help you find a solid color necktie to wear to your event. We proudly offer both solid color clip on ties and solid color zipper ties that give you the professional look of a nicely tied necktie, without the stress and hassle of getting the knot to look just right.