Numerous Options for Solid Color Ties

Numerous Options for Solid Color TiesAt, we know that everyone has a different need for neckties. Some people wear them every single day, while others wear them rarely, and everywhere in between. This being said, since each person has their own unique experience with neckties, this also means that people have different knot-tying abilities. If you are not used to cinching up a half-Windsor knot, then you may be stuck in front of the mirror for several minutes, all while trying to get everything looking just right! Or, perhaps you could tie a perfect knot in your sleep, but you are looking for a few new ties to liven up your selection. Whichever boat you happen to find yourself in, you can find the perfect solid color ties to help get you through your day looking sharp at Necktie Emporium!

Traditional Neckties

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or you are dedicated to learning, traditional solid color ties are always available to assist you in formulating your own sense of style. Solid color ties are ideal for accentuating unique styles of shirts that are already patterned. Our traditional neckties are designed from 100% woven silk, or silk-look polyester for the same elegant shine at a lower price. They are available in average length, with men's extra long ties also being an option for taller individuals.

Clip On Ties

When it comes to solid color clip on ties, you can find no substitute for the fashionable clip on ties for men at! Clip on ties allow you the convenience and ease of being able to have a beautifully tied tie, each and every day. Simply attach our patented clip to your shirt collar, and you are all set! Our clip on ties are also extremely discreet; nobody will know that you’re not wearing a regular necktie.

We also offer a guarantee for all of our clips, good for the lifetime of the tie. If at any time your clip becomes damaged, just return it to us and we will be happy to replace the clip. In terms of solid color ties, make sure to take a look at the clip on selection as there are a few different colors here than the regular necktie section!

Zipper Ties

Zipper ties are another option that is available to you if you happen to be looking for solid color ties. Zipper ties are also helpful in the sense that they are always perfectly-tied, but different from a clip on in that they don't attach to your collar. All you have to do is put the zipper tie over your head and cinch the knot tight. That's all there is to it! This allows you to always be able to show off a great sense of style without having to worry about whether or not your tie is tied properly.

As always, if you have any questions about the variety of solid color ties we have available, please don't hesitate to contact us.