Stripe Ties and Job Interviews

Stripe Ties and Job InterviewsThe dreaded job interview: Your last chance to make a strong enough impression with an employer to secure yourself the job that you are targeting! If you have made it to the stage where you have secured an interview then you are on the right track. However, there are most likely still a number of other qualified candidates that you must outshine if you want to achieve success. Since the professional world can be fickle, and you never know when job opportunities will present themselves, we wanted to take a few minutes to offer you some tips that you can utilize to give you an edge over your competitors. At, our first tip would be: Don't forget to wear one of your stripe ties.

Stripe ties help you dress for the job you want…

Human nature dictates that first impressions are usually what employers will keep in the back of their mind when they are making their final decision. Therefore, you want to dress to impress so that your potential boss will know that you take work seriously. Make sure to dress in a nice shirt that has been pressed, one of your complementary stripe ties, dress pants, and a jacket. Make sure to shower and shave the morning of the interview so that you look and feel your absolute best – feeling fresh and prepared goes a long way! Don't dress too flashy as you don't want to appear to be overcompensating for work ethic. Traditional and professional attire with small personal style touches will go a long way.

Start preparing several days or weeks before the interview…

You don't want to appear as if you've been caught off-guard by any type of question regarding your work history or suitability for the position. Although you may have already sent the company a copy of your resume, it is an excellent idea to bring a few more copies with you. You may have to fill out an application while on the job site, and if you can't remember the dates of your previous employment, you will have a difficult time accurately filling out the form. There may also be more than one person interviewing you, so you want to make sure everyone has a copy to reference. Likewise, make sure to study your own resume so that you can quickly answer any questions that you are asked.

In addition to stripe ties and resumes, make sure to bring a few of your business cards along. Leaving a lasting impression is always key to a job interview – keep yourself in their minds! By having your business cards on hand you can leave information for the person conducting the interview so that they can easily contact you. By having more than one card, you are ready to go in case you are interviewed by a committee. Don't forget to keep a bottle of water with you too so that you can take a sip should your throat go dry.

When it comes to the job interview, can help by providing you with stripe ties. However, the rest of these tips are all up to you. If you have an interview in the near future we wish you the best of luck!