Striped Ties: Accentuate Your Style with Stylish Stripes

Striped Ties: Accentuate Your Style with Stylish StripesA necktie isn't just an article of clothing that you put on every day; it's a way for you to accentuate your style and put a personal stamp on your look. That said, it is important that the tie you choose each morning works with the rest of your attire for that day. And with the myriad shades of colors that you can find for button up shirts, it can sometimes be tricky to find a tie that complements your dress shirt. Have no fashion fears; the stress of finding the perfect match ends at! We offer a diverse selection of striped ties for you to choose from. No matter what colors you need, or what kind of fashion statement you would like to make, we have something that you can use to accentuate your style perfectly and affordably!

Striped ties help provide you with the ability to add some contrast to your outfit. Since most shirts are a solid color, wearing a striped tie is a great way to add a little something to what you are wearing. Have fun looking through all of our color combinations as you never know what can find if you are looking to update your usual style. The selection we have allows you to fill your wardrobe with striped ties that are appropriate for a professional setting, as well as fun ties that you can also wear to social outings.

At, we offer you both regular ties and clip on ties so you can choose the design that works best for you…

Regular Striped Ties

Regular striped ties are your normal, everyday necktie that can be worn as a four-in-hand knot, a half Windsor knot, a full Windsor knot, or the Pratt/Shelby knot. As you dress each morning, you can wrap these ties into the knot that is appropriate for the occasion. Crafted from your choice of silk or woven polyester, these ties are ideal for you to wear for almost any situation.

Clip on Striped Ties

Clip on striped ties are the same as the regular ties when it comes to the wide selection, patterns, and availability. The difference comes when you want to attach the tie to your shirt, as the clip on ties secure to your shirt quickly and conveniently. Not only do these ties look great, but they also offer you the very best when it comes to both safety and comfort. We have our own patent on our necktie clips, so we are able to offer the highest quality and lowest price when it comes to our products.

At our store, our clip on ties actually include a clip guarantee. During the lifetime of the tie, if the clip is to break, we will replace it for you! All you need to do is send it back to us, and we'll get you a brand new clip as quickly as possible. Please contact us if you ever have any questions!