The Pros and Cons of Clip On Ties for Men

The Pros and Cons of Clip On Ties for Men

Clip on ties for men have been helping men look their best without the stress and learning curve of tying a traditional necktie. With clip on ties for men, there are no excuses for not wearing a tie, and at, we think a necktie is required every day. Many men might bite their tongue at the idea of wearing clip on ties for men, but there are a slew of pros that come with choosing this stylish and easy to wear accessory. Below are the pros and cons of clip on ties for men.


  • Clip on ties for men allow men who cannot tie a necktie to wear a tie and look great.
  • Clip on ties can be easily removed, making them safe for a variety of fields where strangulation is a real risk.
  • These stylish accessories come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to fit clip on ties for men into your daily wardrobe.
  • has revolutionized the way clip on ties are manufactured. With a patented clipping mechanism, no one will ever be able to tell that your necktie is a clip on.
  • The knot is always perfect.
  • Your necktie will always be the same length, making you always appear put together and extremely dapper.
  • Clip on ties for men are extra comfortable, and don’t give men a suffocating feeling like a traditional tie might.
  • Men who have succumbed to health problems and can no longer tie a tie can benefit from clip on ties.


  • Because a clip on tie is pre-tied, there is no way to experiment without tie knots.
  • Many people find clip on ties for men a little gimmicky, and don’t fully see the benefits.
  • Many men don’t like the overly put together and uniform look of clip on ties.

The Pros of clip on ties greatly outweighs the cons, but clip on ties still get a bad reputation in the men’s fashion world. If you’re looking for exceptionally attractive, affordable and stylish clip on ties for men, make your only choice. When it comes to looking your best for less, we have you covered. We also carry a large selection of traditional neckties as well as bow ties and so much more.