3 Must-Haves in a Young Manís First Tie Collection

3 Must-Haves in a Young Manís First Tie Collection

3 Must-Haves in a Young Manís First Tie Collection

With clip-on ties and miniature bow ties for kids, most young men have worn a tie or two for formal pictures or special occasions by the time they reach high school. However, as theyíre about to embark on a life of college and job interviews and a career, there comes a time when they should upgrade to their own collection of classic ties. Even if you start with just a small collection, make sure your collection has the most basic and popular types of designs.


Striped ties walk the line between all-business and a-little-bit-of-fun. Stripe designs are where you can really show off your personality. Choose from vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes in as many color combinations as you can think of. Thick stripes or thin stripes both work well with any color suit. Stick to some of the more basic colors ó navy, black, white, brown, gold, and red ó for your first collection and venture into the brighter and more stylized striped designs as your collection grows.


You canít go wrong with a solid color tie, especially in the basic business colors like brown, black, navy, and red. A solid white tie looks striking against a dark shirt, but if youíre like most men, you bought white or light-colored shirts to wear with your first few suits, so stay away from all-white ties for now.


Diamond patterns spice up an otherwise solid-colored tie and offer a little variety in your tie collection. Light-colored diamonds on a dark-colored material make for the best dotted tie options when building your first tie wardrobe.

Learning to properly tie a tie is one of the first steps toward a vibrant professional life. Men look their best in suits and ties, so build your collection young. Donít settle for hand-me-downs from your dad. Pick out a new selection of ties perfectly suited to you. If you need assistance, contact the experts at Necktie Emporium.