"Breakaway" ties can be lifesavers!

"Breakaway" ties can be lifesavers!" title=""Breakaway" ties can be lifesavers!

Scenario 1: You've spent months refining the design for a new machine, and today you and your boss go onto the floor to test the prototype. Your boss has been hinting at a big future for you ...


As you carefully knotted your best silk tie this morning, you were determined that your appearance would make as great an impression as the machine.


Your boss greeted you with enthusiasm and the two of you leaned close as the machine started up. Suddenly he slapped you in the chest and knocked you back. You hadn't even noticed how close your tie had come to the moving parts. The tie that was supposed to create a great impression could have put you on disability ... or worse ... if he hadn't been paying good attention.


Scenario 2: You've just chased the thief to the ground, but before your partner catches up, the bad guy gets hold of your tie and begins to pull it tight. You're losing breath with every second ... will your partner arrive before you pass out?


Breakaway ties are designed for men who face scenarios like these on their jobs every day. Heavy equipment with moving parts can be unforgiving. So can dangerous people. Breakaway ties help you win a little edge against the inherent dangers of your work.


I can hear you saying, "Breakaway ties ... isn't that just a fancy word for 'clip on'? Clip ons are for kids!" And in response, I suggest:


1. Breakaway ties aren't what they used to be. The selection of colors, patterns, lengths and widths rivals what's available in standard ties. Do you want a rep tie? You can get it. A contemporary print? Get one, or many. Your college's colors? Absolutely! Are you stuck on silk? You can get it in breakaway ties.


2. Today's breakaways are designed to look every bit as perfectly knotted as the tie you tied yourself.


3. Are you really a winner when you wear a standard tie that endangers you on your job?


Nuff said! Get yourself some great breakaway ties ... stay safe ... and look great!