Extra Long Clip On Ties End Knotty Challenge for Big/Tall Men

Extra Long Clip On Ties End Knotty Challenge for Big/Tall Men


There's no way a regular length tie is ever going to fit you. Your neck is too large, or you stand too tall. And you know the rules. Since you're a tall guy, or a larger guy, you need an extra long tie, one of those 21 inch jobs.


What's more, you totally agree. You absolutely hate how it looks when your regularly sized tie hangs somewhere just below the middle of your chest.


But you've also heard the other rule: an extra long tie requires a different kind of knot, a larger one. And you're no Boy Scout leader. You don't have a Merit Badge in knot tying. So you feel stuck. You just keep wearing those stupid ties that make you look like you haven't bought anything new since you were 14.


The Solution: Extra Long Clip On Ties


What would solve your problem is an extra long tie you don't have to tie. And it really exists. They're called extra long clip on ties.


And in case you thought clip ons were for kids, you should check out what's available these days.


Today's Clip Ons Are A Quality Wardrobe Element

  • Extra long clip on ties come in a wide range of patterns -- from contemporary to traditional.
  • They are available in quality silks, as well as durable polyesters.
  • You can buy extra long clip on ties in traditional rep stripes.
  • There are extra long clip on ties in solid colors (including orange - go Vols!).
  • You can even get extra long clip on ties in fashionable narrow widths.
  • The pre-tied knot is the right size for the tie's longer length, and will appear, when worn, as if you tied it yourself.


So there's a clip on tie available in the length you need, in the fabric you prefer, and in the kind of design that best complements your wardrobe. And no one will know you didn't tie the knot yourself! What a win! You don't have to get a Merit Badge but you can still fly like an Eagle among your coworkers and friends when you look this great.