Ties Over Time

Ties Over Time

It is not uncommon to see men adorning mens fashion ties both in and outside of the work place. Whether you’re stepping into a professional office space or walking down a busy city street, chances are you’ll see ties of all colors and styles: skinny ties, wide ties, striped ties, floral ties, silk ties, wool ties. This versatility truly does beg the question, “How have ties transformed over the years?” You would be surprised to learn that ties actually originated in the early 17th century! Since, they have transformed from strictly professional or former wear to everyday casual attire.

The Origin:
In the early 17th century, pieces of cloth were worn around the neck of French soldiers as a standard part of their uniform. The primary purpose was to secure the collar of their uniforms, although these men’s fashion ties quickly became a fashion statement when they began to be adorned at royal gatherings.

The 20th Century:
The original 17th century neckties look very different than today’s style of men’s fashion ties, although the transition occurred slowly over time. The major difference in tie style came in how ties were tied around the neck and in size – the most common style of neckties can be comparable to what we today consider bowties. During the earliest part of the 20th century, neckties were mainly worn only during formal or professional events. However, as the 20th century progressed, originally styles of ties (bowties) became held for professional gathers, while the ties as we know them today took more casual forms.

The Style:
The Art Deco movement of the early-to-mid 20th century paved the way for wider, more geometric-looking ties, featuring bold prints and patterns. Ties were shorter than we typically see them today. As clothing become more slim-fitting and tailored in the 50s, so did ties. Slim ties became the fashion statement until the 60s, when the world saw some of the widest ties ever to be manufactured. This style, along with bold prints and patterns, lasted through the 90s.

Ties, Today:

Men’s fashion ties as we know them today are perhaps the most versatile they’ve ever been. While slim styles are often worn, wider ties are still commonly worn. Mens fashion ties patterns and materials also have great variety. In addition to common tie patterns (stripes, gingham, solids, etc.) you’ll find more whimsical designs, such as plaids, paisleys, and cartoon-like objects. Unique fabrics have also become popular, such as seen in woven wool and knitted ties.