The Trendiest Styles for Young Men

The Trendiest Styles for Young Men

Young men are becoming more concerned with looking their best, but no one has time to waste on searching for the right clothing items and matching outfits for the perfect look. Understanding the trendiest styles of 2014 lets young men look their best without having to spend hours putting together an ensemble. From skinny ties to fitted sweaters, items from the past are making their way back into popular fashion.

Fitted Clothing

Baggy clothing is out, and fitted styles are in. Young men who choose styles that are carefully fitted to their body type are more likely to earn a second glance. Fitted styles are not limited to suits. Fitted pants and shirts can be put together to complete a casual outfit that conveys confidence.

Skinny Ties

Skinny ties allow young men to be fashionable in a very specific style of clothing. It is important for men to avoid wearing these ties with the wrong clothing option because of the clashing that can occur.

These ties do not work with shirts or suits that appear to be boxy or wide. Pair skinny ties with fitted shirts for a trendy look that is sure to impress.


Sneakers are comfortable and versatile, but young men who wear sneakers outside of the gym or off of the track are not winning any style contests. Leather shoes complete both casual and professional outfits. There is a wide range of styles available when it comes to leather shoes, so men have the opportunity to find a unique look that matches their personal preferences.


This accessory goes beyond keeping a young man warm during the cool months. Jackets come in a variety of styles including jean jackets, peacoats and leather jackets. Each unique style complements a unique personality. Young men who view style as a way to express themselves are better able to create a unique look that will reflect their personality.


Sweaters have been out of style for a while, but these clothing pieces are finally starting to make a comeback. It is important for men to avoid choosing oversized sweaters that look sloppy. Solid colors are easier to match with pants and accessories, so young men who are not as conscious about their style choices may want to stick with solids.

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