What Your Color Says About You

What Your Color Says About You Solid color ties are perhaps one of the most popular options when it comes to neckties, as they can be worn with any pattern and for any occasion. However, many people don’t actually realize that certain colors can actually mean different things, and help further an image. Solid color ties can influence those around you, so next time your dressing in the morning, consider what type of personality traits you want to convey to those around you.

Red Solid Color Ties

Red is synonymous with power, wealth, strength, and passion.  Many important business leaders and successful people are often seen wearing red solid color ties.

Blue Solid Color Ties

Blue is a color that is synonymous with peace and tranquility. Studies have actually shown that blue solid color ties are a great choice for hostile and tense meetings or situations in the workplace. Blue is still a powerful color, and worn by many successful leaders.

Black Solid Color Ties

Black tie is widely associated with formal events, so much so that these events are even called “black tie” events. Black ties should ideally only be worn for formal events, and formal events only.

Yellow Solid Color Ties

Yellow is visually complex and busy color, but represents radiance and vitality! If your personality is bubble and laid back, a yellow necktie is a great option. Yellow ties are best reserved for lighter situations.

Regardless of color, neckties are an exceptional way and a must-own accessory for men to show the world that they are truly put together. Close your eyes and imagine a powerful leader, what do you see? Chances are the majority of people will answer with a necktie in some type of solid color. Next time your clipping on your clip-on tie or tying the perfect traditional knot, keep in mind what the colors may represent. When you’re looking to stock up on solid color ties or begin your necktie collection, look no further than NecktieEmporium.com. At Necktie Emporium, we carry a vast selection of solid color ties, patterned ties, novelty ties, uniform ties, bow ties, and neckties for everyone and for every occasion. Look your best for less and get dapper with Necktie Emporium today!