A Guide to Tie Fashion for the Winter

A Guide to Tie Fashion for the WinterWinter has finally arrived and with it not only is the cold weather, but also comes a change in fashion. Now, donít go thinking that the fashions change just for women when the seasons change; menís fashion also changes with the changing season, and if you havenít yet updated your wardrobe, or you donít know how to, here are some helpful winter fashion tips regarding neckties.

Ties for Winter

When you walk into any menís fashion retailer and head to the tie department, you may be completely overwhelmed by the selection that is available. There before you lies a sea of ties in different colors, sizes, patterns, textures, and even styles like menís novelty ties . How do you know which ones are appropriate for fall? Hereís a look at some suggestions based on each of the aforementioned categories.

Color. As far as color goes, steer clear of pastel shades or anything that calls to mind the spring or summer. Instead, opt for colors that speak to the winter. For example, you canít go wrong with a cranberry or pine colored tie. Navy blue, silver and gold are also great colors for the winter.

Texture. The winter is the perfect time of the year to pick those thicker, richer textures. Think heavy cotton, wool, or even suede. These heavier fabrics are perfect for the winter, as they lend a cozier look, which is what this season is all about.

Patterns. Great patterns for winter include plaid and herringbone. Stripes also work for this time of the year, but opt for wide diagonal stripes. You can also find fun menís novelty ties in patterns too!

Size. In the winter, go for a wider tie than you may have worn in the summer. Just like your shirts and jackets get a little bulkier at this time of the year, your ties should, too.

Itís easy to adjust your wardrobe for the season. Take an inventory of what you have and then head over to Necktie Emporium to fill in the rest. Youíll find a huge selection of menís neckties, including menís novelty ties . Shop today for a stylish seasonal wardrobe today!